About Nadar Sangam

What does Nadar Sangam mean?
With the advent of Bitish rule in South India, the Nadars started to migrate to the northern parts of Tamilnadu as a means of extending their economic base.

Along their trade routes they established forts or "pettais" to serve their interests. An organization was required to maintain and operate these "pettais". Such organizations formed became the basis for the "Uravinmurais "or Local Nadar Associations or Nadar Sangams. www.nadarsangam.com is the only authenticated Nadar Web Association catering to the needs of the global Nadar community.

Where does the word Nadar come from ?
The Nadars were known as "Shanas" or "Shanars" till the last quarter of the 19th century . The word " Nadar" may have been derived from what many modern Nadars believe to have been the highest of the original Shanar Jatis, the Nadans, with the honorific "-ar" ending added. Some Nadars claim that the Nadans were petty local chieftains, who were the heirs of the fallen Pandya dynasty.
After World War I, the British designated the name "Nadars" in lieu of "Shanars" In the 1921 Census to gain their support.

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