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Member and Account

What is member registration and how does it work?
Nadarsangam membership registration allows you to post your information. You can list educational institutions , classifieds, trade and business, etc. Only those people who have signed up for a free membership have access to the community registry records.
Once you have joined, you are able to update your registry by logging in and clicking on Edit your membership Profile.

What are the free and paid services in
Posting, browsing and responding to messages are the free services that offers its users. In order to post a message /add a listing , you will be asked to sign up as a member for free. There are no other obligations.

There are two kinds of services we offer our members.

I) Free Services
Member registration
Add to Trade directory
Add to Classifieds
Add an Institution
Matrimonial listing
Sangam listing
Events calendar
Add child at Child Adoption
Add child for Child sponsorship
Vacancies posting for employers
News letter

II) Paid Services
Jobs seekers Rs. 200/= (or) US$ 5.00 per profile
Family tree Rs. 500/= (or) US$ 10.00 per entry
Match making Rs. 200/= (or) US$ 5.00 per profile
Matrimonial profile Rs. 200/= (or) US$ 5.00 per profile
Compatibility Rs. 500/= (or) US$ 10.00 per report
Adopt a child Rs. 1000/= (or) US$ 20.00 per request
Sponsor a child Rs. 1000/= (or) US$ 20.00 per request
Premium Membership Rs.2500/= (or) US$ 50.00 for 3 years

Once you have become a member you have the option to become the premium member for 3 years with Enhanced Features. To avail this you need to contact the administrator at This will cost $50.00 (Rs.2500/=) and provide you with additional tools to increase the success of someone identifying the person you are looking for. With one personal page for you plus free advertisement banner for your business running for 3 years. Once you are a premium member you can initiate contact with any members registered in this site.

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