Child Sponsorship

Who are the these children featured on nadarsangam.com?
Over 1,00,000 Nadar children in India currently wait for some help in studies, support for health and medical benefits and don't even have proper home. They are

• School going children and physically challenged ones.

• Children or teenagers with significant potential to come up in life but without any financial support.

Who can Sponsor?
Nadarsangam.com will consider single and married applicants, as well as applicants from other states and countries. You do not need to own your own home or be wealthy in order to Sponsor. The most important consideration in the selection process will be how well your own emotional resources and help the community members match the needs of a particular child.

We give out the details of contact for you at a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/= (or) US$ 20.00 for each contact requested.

Can I Sponsor a child/adult in a different Race, State / Country?
Yes. There is no geographic barrier, but all the needs to be understood before sponsoring.

Who is benefited by Sponsorship programs?

• Anyone in need of Sponsorship to study in India or abroad

• Anyone in need of help to buy books and pay tuition fees

• Anyone who needs financial support to meet his/her basis needs


How do I add my Classified?
The classifieds column contains all the personal announcements by nadarsangam.com visitors. This includes any non-commercial or private venture including sub-leasing, the selling of your used car, the searching for roommates or if you are just looking for friends in a new city, etc . In order to add something to the classifieds click on the 'Submit Classifieds' button on top of classifieds page.

How do I edit my Classified?
The information you enter when you add a classified can only be edited by e-mailing nadarsangam.com. If you would like to edit an ad you have added please send an e-mail to info@nadarsangam.com

Trade directory

How do I post on the Trade directory?
All you need to do is click on the 'Get your company listed' button on top of Trade directory main page. A form will open - type out the business/company details for listing.

How do I edit a Trade directory listing?
We realize that Business grow & information changes and the information needs to be updated. Please send us an email at info@nadarsangam.com to change details about the company/trade, and we will do it for you within 48 hours.