Can anybody contribute to NadarSangam.com?
Sure! Absolutely! Totally! Yes. (it will be used for the Nadar community development)


How do I get included into the Matrimonial database?
All you need to do is Register yourself through the Matrimonial home page. A form will open, where you need to enter your necessary personal details. This is absolutely free.

How do I edit my personal details?
If you had registered your personal details then use the edit profile menu available on top of the Matrimonial page.

How can I improve my chances of finding a match?

• Try to give a clear self-description.

• Enter your expectations clearly and completely.

• Add your photo to your profile as profiles with photos get a better response.

• Become a premium member and get listed through 'banner ads' a feature to make your profile stay on the matrimonial page before search.

• Login often to search through the latest profiles and initiate contact.

Where do I enter my expectations of an alliance?
When you select the Create your profile option a form will be displayed. All you have to do is fill in your expectations in the ' More About Yourself' field along with your self-description. Try to be specific, as a good description will yield good results. Don't add your E-mail ID or website address in your description field.

How do I track members I am looking for?
When you search the profiles and open it, the profile gets added to the list of members which you are looking for.

How do I know which members are looking for me?
Just click on the link on top of matrimonial page to "Members looking for me" to get a detailed list of members interested / looked your profile.

Search is not getting any results. What should I do?
Please check your search criteria. If you are searching for a particular caste, try rephrasing your spellings. We suggest you use partial names or try all the possible spellings in the caste field, for example: Shanar, Sanar, Hindunadar, etc. to get profiles of a particular caste. If you have used date options in the search, please check the dates entered.

How can I search for my partner on nadarsangam.com Matrimonials? What are the search options available?
To search for your matrimonial partner you can use the Quick Search, and the Advanced Search.

How can I see matrimonial profiles matched?
Login to nadarsangam.com and enter your match criteria at match making and you will be displayed the list of matched profiles. To initiate contact with your perfect match (or) to get the complete details you need to make a payment of Rs.200/= (or) US$ 5.00 per profile.

How do I remove my listing from matrimonial listing?
You need to send an email to info@nadarsangam.com. After having your final approval your listing will be removed from our database.

Child adoption

Who are the children featured on nadarsangam.com?
Over 1,00,000 Nadar children in India currently wait in foster care for permanent homes.

They are:

• Brothers and sisters who need to stay together

• Children or teenagers with significant emotional, physical or learning challenges

• Children who are at risk of developing a disability because of their family history.

Who can adopt?
Nadarsangam.com will consider single and married applicants, as well as applicants from around the world. You do not need to own your own home or be wealthy in order to adopt. Adoption subsidy and one-time reimbursement of adoption expenses in many countries make adoption an affordable option for most families who adopt a child with special needs. The most important consideration in the selection process will be how well your own emotional resources and parenting abilities match the needs of a particular child.

We give out the details of contact for you at a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/= (or) US$ 20.00 for each contact requested.

Can I adopt a child in a different Race, State / Country?
Yes. There is no geographic barrier, but all the regulatory requirement has to be fulfilled by you before adopting.