What is, Jobs section at Nadarsangam.com?
Nadarsangam.com is an Indian Internet based organisation, which serves for the social cause (nadar community development) helps to find employment opportunities for its community members.

All types of job vacancies can be posted on this site. As a registered member you can use Job's search, to find the vacancies that match your requirements.

Both active Jobseekers, and those seeking to improve on their current positions, may submit and advertise their, skills, qualities and experience in the prescribed format.

Nadarsangam.com will continually seek to match your skills with the vacancies that employers and recruiters are trying to fill. This gives you real power, as 80% of Jobs are never even advertised anywhere ,potential candidates are 'Searched Out' by recruiters. Personal contact details, such as your home telephone number can appear on your C.v/Resume/Bio data openly to Employers and Recruiters, enabling them to contact you easily.

Alternatively, If you prefer to keep your details confidential - you may use a nick name instead while posting your profile.

How do I post a Resume / Bio-data?
All you need to do is click on the 'Post Resume' button on top of the Jobs main page. A form will open, where you need to enter necessary resume / bio-data details. On receipt of your payment your Resume will be online.

How do I edit a Resume added?
We realize that Resumes change & personal information change and the information needs to be updated. For now please send us an email at info@nadarsangam.com to change details about your resume and we will do it for you within 48 hours. You can edit your profile 3 times within the 3 year period.

What does Nadarsangam.com Charge?
To submit your bio-data / resume, you need to make a payment of Rs.200/ = (US$ 5.00) per application, which is a one time fee for registration. Your resume will be in our database for a period of 3 years. You may Search, View and use our database for FREE as it is shown to our clients(employers).

What Nadarsangam.com does not do?
Nadarsangam.com is not a Recruitment Agency. Therefore we do not interview you or make recommendations to Employers about you. Similarly we do not recommend types of employment or Employers to Jobseekers.

Simply, our aim is to provide the most highly efficient means of getting the skills and experience described in your CV Summary / bio data / Resume, in front of Employers that have the right type of job or career position to suit you.

We operate in accordance with our stated advertising, privacy, data protection and other terms and conditions which are strictly in accordance with our privacy policy.

How to search for Jobs and apply for them?
Just complete the Search Criteria Form to search for the type of job vacancy that may interest you. If you like the look of any particular vacancy or job opportunity that fits you, you can instantly apply on-line by posting your bio-data to their email/contact address given by them.

How to Edit / Suspend / Remove your Resume/ Bio-data from view on the system?
Just send a simple email to info@nadarsangam.com giving details of your Resume / C.V / Bio-data

How to Succeed at an Interview?
If you need inspiration just email us and we have great sections on Covering Letters, CV Tips (including sample CV's) and advice on Interview techniques. But this will be charged as per your requirement.

How do you do it for free for employers?
Employers and Recruitment Agencies are pleased to receive CV's that match their current search requirements for the positions that they wish to fill. We provide this service free for them, there by encouraging them to seek for more community members. Thereby providing jobs for the community members.

How do you make My Resumes / C.V / Bio-data Available to Companies?
We use email, the internet, faxes and post.