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STRUGGLE by community through literary efforts -I

The community folk struggle to elevate social status by aiming to attain the status of VALAMKAI UYARKONDA IRAVIKULA KSHATRIYA society

Several Nadar community prominently fought for attaining this status
The chief community people included Samuel Sargunar Nadar (1850-1919) (who worked as a Sub Registrar in Chinglepettu district), Y.Gnanamuthu Nadar (who worked as a clerk in District Court, Thinnevelly , Cornelius Nadar (who worked as a clerk in Salem’s collector’s office), A.N.Sattampillai, Nabhi P.V.Pandian, son of Sattampillai.

Some of the early literary works by Church Ambassadors, Christian missionaries and Europeans stirred the caste consciousness among the educated Christian Nadars who brought out pamphlets and booklets on the glorious past of the Nadars.

- Edgar Thurston – Caste and Tribes of South India (Madras 1909 Vol VI, pages 366-367).
- Winfred - Shandror Kula Marapu Kattala, madras 1874; page 213.
- John Chandler, 75 years in the Madras Mission ( Madras 1909) page 23-25
- Report of the Madras Church Conference Feb 24, 1876 Page 14-15
- Bishop Caldwell – The Thinnevelly Shanars, 1857

Since 1857, several literary works were initiated by Native community folk to provide evidence against the description of community in Bishop Caldwell’s literary works. The chief among them included Sattampillai of Nazereth whose unpublished work on Nadar caste followed by about 40 books, several pamphlets and leaflets, periodicals, monthly magazines and daily newspapers.

The wealth earned by Nadar merchants was considerably spent on developing and publishing these literary works apart from several community people volunteering to research, analyze, write and publish.

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