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This is Dr. V. Sugadevi M.B.B.S. M.D(acu), magalir ani thalaivi, tamilnadu nadar peravai.


In India there is no caste without their own political party except our community(nadar, gramani, sanar, panai yeri & mooppar). All other communities having their party have their leader and through him fulfilling their needs(medical college seat, engineering seat, any promotions, government placements etc.,).

But we nadar doesn't have a party or a leader to give voice for us. We need an association to claim our rights for example:

1. we are requesting the government for a verylong time to make nadar caste has MBC(Most Backward Caste) as an educated person I think u'll be able to understand how it is important for us to get seats in the higher education like medical college, engineering, civil exams and in the government service - promotions etc.,

2. In our population 10 lakh people in southern part of TN are depending on panai(palm) maram. We request the governmnet to give the rights to get KALLU from panaimaram and to sell them. ( As an educated person we all know that in KALLU there is only 4.5% alcohol, and it is rich in calcium(60%), and it also have areasonable amount of minerals, proteins and vitamins. So its not an alcoholic beverage. But its a healthy food drink. It wouldn't cause any harm to people. But our funny government is supporting tas-mac alcohol but not the healthy one.

I think this 2 reasons alone can make any one feel how much we lack in getting our rights. Whereas other caste are getting their requirements get fulfilled as soon as they got their party. We are the looser in INDIA.... During election, political leaders uses our vote and after election they make us fool. Every year we do many porattam, unna viratham but no use.

So in INDIA we have to represent in assembly and parliament election.

To do so we need an association as early as possible.


Dr. V. Sugadevi M.B.B.S. M.D(acu)


I am an doctor

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