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Nadar community was noted for its unique community governing council and community leaders called as Nattamai. The Nattamaikarar system was deciding all the family and community matters till 1980s, after which slowly the system was abandoned. Two theories are postulated on early immigration of Nadars to Thiruchedur Therilands, one is from Jaffna Ezham country and other is from Chola Territory through Pandyan kingdom

Migration from Srilankan Nadars (Eazha Nadars)

Sanars ( Shanars ) are also called as Sandars in Jaffna. The most famous Christian missionary based at Idayangudi, Fr. Caldwell went on to describe their history. He claimed they emigrated from the northern coast of Ceylon, based on similarities in language and customs between the Shanars and the Shandrars of Jaffna (city in North Sri Lanka). Caldwell believed the Shanars entered Tinnevelly via Ramnad (in modern Tamil Nadu), bringing palmyra seeds for planting. It was a strong belief of Caldwell's that the Shanars were not descendants of Brahmanical Hinduism.

The Kavadipurattan or Kaveripurattam: They consist of large immigrants from Chola country or the land of Kaveri. These Nadars are generally belong to cauvery belt running from Thuraiyur near Thiruchy to Kumbakonam. In the long history back in Chola Dynasity Enathi ( Enadi) Natha Nayanar, one of the sixty-three disciples of Siva, is described as having belonged to the Shandrar caste in the Tamil work Periyapuranam, Enadhi is generally a warrior expert in archery. Enadhy Natha Nayanar belongs to Chola territory near Kumbakonam. The village Enadhy Natha Nallur still has a temple for Enadhy Natha Nayanar patronized by villagers.

The Saivite saint had the resemblance to old Pandiyan titles. Enadinatha Nayanar(Shanar Swordsman who tutored Princes of Chola Territory) Elakulachanrar Enadi( Ezha Kula Chanar Enadhi ). In the Tanjore Manual, the Shanans are divided into Tennam, Panam, and Ichcham, according as they tap the cocoanut, palmyra, or wild date (Pkcenix sylvestris).

Shanars of Cuavery belt, the soldiers of the Chola army who partly later migrated to Madurai support Pandiyan army. After Pandyas Lost power, they were pushed in palmyrah groves for their livelihood.

Today, due to cultural fusion these divisions have integrated and unified in the Nadar terminology through various intermarriages. Further Nadar Community is the one which has long long back accepted the interreligious marriage, inter caste marriage, inter linguistic marriage and intercontinental marriage as socially accepted phenomena and endorses this social fusion process through endogamy as a natural integration process of a tolerant Nadar society vital for its growth and development.

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