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The Nadars who until the last quarter of the 19th century were known as "Shanas" or "Shanars" were originally based in the two southernmost districts of Tamilnadu- Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. They were generally called as Thinnevelly Shanars or Karukkumattayars or Mannattan.

The vast majority section called as Thinnevelly Shanars or Manattan sect were also most widely known as Karukkkumattaiyan. Karukku menas the sharp edge of the palmyra leaf and mattai means the leaf stalk of the palmyra tree. Sometimes, they are also known as Karukku pattaiyan, pattaiyan means sword. These people traditionally lived in Tiruchendur red arid soiled Therivanams where the famous temple of Lord Murugan in the form of Senthil Andavar, the famours Uvari Suyambu Lingasamy, the famous Kulasai Muthu Aara Amman & Gnana Moorthy Eawar are ruling the region.

The Nadars during their ascendancy to higher social status claim they have links to the fallen ancient royal pandyas. Considered to be a proud, ancient warrior caste and the initial rulers of the ancient Pandiya Nadu (Pandyan Kingdom). , the Nadars are well known for their bravery throughout the southern part of Tamilnadu. The ancient capital city of Pandiya Nadu, Korkai, is predominantly occupied by the Nadars.

After successive invasions from the north by the Kalabhras and other Vadugas on the Pandiyan kingdom, the Nadars were forced out of power and almost became extinct in the 18th century Pandyas. Unlike many other ancient communities who were considered as low castes by the brahmanical classes, they had organized a series of social, legal and administrave battles and campaigns to regaine the elevated status in social hierarchy.

The lords of Pandia dynasty were called Maran, Maranadar/Mara Nadalwar.Nattar, Rayan, Nadar, Kshatriya Nadar, Nadan, Nadavaru Nadava, Shandror Kulam, etc and based on this claim the Thirunelveli Dakshina Mara Nadar Sangham was patronized by the Nadar Community.

Few endorse the view that Karukkupattayathar are Elite guards, Sivanthi sect are Elite Suicidal army etc..

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