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Perumal Nadars / Mukantha Nadars

Perumal Nadars.

The warrior Nadar community who valiantly fought the Nayak Kings, Sultan Chieftain and Palayakkarars are referred as Vettum Perumal Nadars. The Nadar tribe chiefs of Five Nadar Counties of Thinnevelly that remained after the decline of Then Paandi Seemai is referred as PanchaPaandavar Territory / Panchamaal / Pachamaal nadars or Mukantha Nadars. In the Thoothukudi district of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu there is a sandy dune called Kudheraimozhi Theri. In Tamil language Kudherai means horse. The people of Kudhreaimozhi Theri region believe that Maaravaramban Kulasekara Pandyan I, before marching in to Madurai to revive the Pandyan kingdom from the Chola Kings, was giving cavalry training in this Theri (sandy dunes) for his army with the horses that he had bought with the help of the Arab traders[1]; hence this sandy dunes (Theri) got the name Kudheraimozhi, which means, "Horse Junction / Joint" in Tamil. One of the oasis villages in Kudhremozhi Theri is Solaikudiriruppu, which became the nativity of Velu Muthu. Solaikudiyiruppu is very close to the Capital of the ancient Pandyan Kingdom – Korkai (Kayal). Solaikudiyiruppu village lies between the roads that connect Nazareth & Thiruchendur. The Arab rulers of Kayalpattinam were giving titles to their citizens of Korkai Pandian territory. Velu Muthu Nadar the first convert to CSM Christianiy was gifted with the spiritual skill of prophecy and wisdom in settling disputes between people. Hence, he was bestowed with the title Mukandar by Kayalpattinam rulers. After his success in leading few to Christ in Sathankulam in 1823, the first CSM missionary for India, Rev. C T E Rhenius came to Solaikudiyiruppu village, a most beautiful oasis village in the sandy duens of Kuthiraimozhi theri. On hearing the love of Christ from Rev. C T E Rhenius, Velu Muthu Mukandar got an insight that his search of the right spiritual path could end by starting a journey with Christ. Hence he took baptism with a new name - Vedha Muthu, which made him to be the First Protestant Christian in the Megnanapuram Circle.

However Mukantha Nadars still continue their power in several other areas. In Sivaganga territory control over the function of Madappuram Kaliamman temple, the Chief Nadar deity temple. Around Tuticorin Belt, they refer as PachaiPerumal Nadars and owe their respect to PachaiPerumal Aiyanar. SivananaindhaPerumal Nadars are another major tribe found in Kanyakumari and Thiruchendure area.

More than a one and half century back, Nadars were subjected to severe restricitions in Thinnevelly and Nanjil states of Southern Travacore. They were not allowed to wear Veshtis below their knees, garments above their waist in the presence of higher caste men. They were not allowed to wear sandals, to ride horses, or to use the name of Hindu Gods in their own names and fellow siblings. In such a time Ayya Vaikuntasamy raised the social revolution which resulted in uprise of low caste men to bring several social reforms for social respect. After this revolution, every young child of the Nadar was give a name with title Perumal Nadar affixed to their name to bring respect to their community. Several Nizhal thangals, Narayanasamy temples were built to mark the birth of Vishnu into Nadar folk to serve humanity. The Hindu Nadars of Virudhunagar were so fond of Vishnu avatar at Srirangam, Trichy and they developed a temple for Sri Ranganatha Swami at Panchupettai premises at Virudhunagar. Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars Panchukadai Mahamai, Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars Northern side Export Shops Annadhana Dharm Fund Trust, Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars Rice Merchants Mahamai Association and Hindu Nadars Palasarakku merchants association contribute a great share in development and functions for Sri Ranganatha Swamy in the month of Purattasi and Sri Anjaneya Swamy in the month of Aadi Pooram day (by Northern Export Arulmigu Sri Mahalakshi amman Aadipoora thiruvizha Mandahapdi Dharma Fund)at Virudhunagar to mark the entry of God Power to help the community to raise in their social staus

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