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Nadar Kudimahan

Use of this twice-born thread by the community bring into highlight the loyal and dedicated traditional services of Kudimahan community. Kudimahan help Nadar community people to wear twice-born threads while performing various rites.

Though Ambattiar, Navidhar, Maruthuvar, Panikkar Kudimakkal and few other terminologies used in various places who perform the traditional barbering services of the society, the unique Kudimahan ethnic sect of barber community dedicate their assistant and all in one support services for birth ceremonies, marriage services and last rites performances including Karumadhi, funeral pyre etc. Though considered low in caste hierachy Kudimahan community is the alternate Dravidian equivalent community for Brahmin services for family functions.

One of among this group call themselves as Nadar Kudimahanhal and do exclusive last rite services only for the Nadar community. They refuse to perform last services of other community people even if they are offered with incentive of large extra money.

This bewildering loyality is believed to continue for several centuries. When the Thinellvely Shanars migrated to various villages of Ramanathapuram, Madurai Jillah, few of this loyal kudimahan community families also settled in various villages to serve the Nadar community exclusively. Five/Six decades back, The Nadar Kudimahan played an important role in the marriage functions of the Nadar community. However when self respect marriages were introduced by WPA Soundarapandia Nadar and their supporters in all villages, the role of Nadar kudimahan became insignificant. However still some old timers send clothing & money to Kudimahan family during important family functions.

Nadar Kudimhan have firm belief that they are one among the child of the PathiraKaliamman who took care of a gang of seven children in their childhood who later claimed to have Nadar status. However one child who got married to a still a lower caste was ostracized by their clan, but given a role to perform the family rites of the Nadar community. They call themselves Nadar Kudimahan and do not serve other community people. They run saloon shops and but do not even display name boards for their saloon shops. Such is their dedication till now. These Kudimahan have kilais within their group.

It is under the purview of civil society associations and local associations to legitamise Kudimahan servies by

• Promotion by community Federations to formalize the function of Kudimahanhal to serve the middle class & poor in a better way

• Transforming the Kudimahan services into mainstream modern way of institutions (ambulances, cabin car, electric crematorium etc,) with the support of civic society organizations

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