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Nadar community wedding customs and practices – II


Nicchiyadharatham, where the Maternal Uncles of Bride and Bride Groom make matrimonial contracts in a customary manner with the agreement of groom's and bride's parents exchanging several traditional items from both sides..

Maman Sasthiram: The maternal uncles families are gifted with dress material by the respective bride and grooms as signifiying symbol of love and gratitude for the services as a maternal uncle.

Kalyana Muhurtha Mandapam Decoration

Large temporary sheds are built in front of the mandapam to accommodate the people who attend the wedding ceremony. This interior of sheds are clad with white cloths, plantain tress and decorated with flowers, garlands, tender coconut palm leaves, colored papers and other materials. A decorative wedding seat is made within this structure. This seat is generally made by assembling readymade components made out of wood, velvet cloth, other brightly colored fabrics, glass beads with glittery coatings etc

Paalikaali Thalippu/Karappu

The special clay pots are decorated with sandalwood paste and kumkum powder, this ritual is called Paalikali Thalippu / Karappu.

Then Lagna Pathirigai - Paddiputhu follows, which means the bride and groom's families exchange sweets and invite each other to the wedding. The groom arrives at the venue accompanied by friends and family, amidst fanfare procession.

First the groom come and sits on the Decorated Wedding seat. The priest or an elder performs certain rituals. After this the bride is brought to the seat by her companion usually one of the groom's sister. She sits on the right side of the groom. A new silk sari is presented to the bride and she goes back and changes her dress and come back again.

The rituals would continue and as a climax the groom ties the nuptial cord on the neck of the bride. At this point she becomes the wife of the man and switch their places so that the bride sits on the left side of the groom. As per local customs the ones wife sit on her husband's left side.

Sammandhi Mariyathai, an exchange of gifts between members of both families follows. All those present shower flower petals and akshata on the couple in a ceremony called Paaladaanam. Then the bride is formally received and welcomed into her new home and family, it is called Grihapravesham.

Thalaimulukku: this function is organized a day after the marriage at bride's house after the marriage with gifting of new dress materials to groom and several kitchen items / food items as gift to grooms' home from bride's family side. The reverse thalaimulukku for the bride is organised at Grooms' residence.

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