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Nadar community wedding customs and practices - I

Alliance Fixation:

After all the trials and tribulations of searching and matching exercise, the Nadar community people formalize the "Thirumana Urudhi" through a function popularly called as Poo Vaithal to the bride.

Bangle presentation:

The bangles are presented to bride on a bi weekly/monthly basis from the relations of the groom , after the alliance fixation.

Clay Stove / Clay House (Thinnai) Presentation:

The stove and thinnai made of clay are gifted by sisters of groom to the bride in the kitchen of their house to symbolize that the residing place and cooking stove will be the groom's house hence forth after the marriage.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

Different rituals follow, firstly Panda Kaal Muhurtham, which means a small ritual to invoke the blessings of a protecting deity takes place and the groom and his family are welcomed by the bride's family. It is a kind of cementing of relationship between both the families. Then Vritham, prayer rituals to the family deity and ancestors

Gold Melting Ceremony (Pavun Urukkudhal)

The most important item in a marriage is a nuptial cord called Thaali. During the wedding the bridegroom tie this cord with on brides neck. This is the climax of the wedding ceremony and in the past ladies never remove from their neck when their husband is alive and they give great respect to this thaali. In fact Thaali proper is a small pendant attached to the cord. The groom gives this to the bride, Most of the people belong to middle class and above make this thaali and the cord out of gold. Poor people get the thaali made of gold. SOme use thick cotton thread, colored with turmeric paste, for the cord.

A few days before the wedding day, an important ceremony with a small gathering of very close relatives is held at grooms house. This is arranged for melting the gold for making the thaali. Family Gold smith or Kudumba Thanga Asary, is commissioned to make the thaali, performs the ceremonial melting. The groom would sit in front of the gold smith during this melting process. If the gold melt and harden to a uniform round shape piece, it is regarded as a good sign. Gold smith will use this gold for making thaali.

Parisam Podudhal:

The function for Arranging gifts to bride from bride groom side is called Parisam Podudhal and generally organized a day before the marriage.

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