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Kamarajar Jayanthi and International Nadars Day V

But when Kamarajar left Tamil politics to become president of the Congress Party in 1963, the Congress lost its base in society. After Kamarajar, the Congress did not win a state election again in Tamil Nadu. Kamarajar and the Congress Party was let down in 1967 elections by his own Congress Folk who worked against him as Kamarajar was believed to have denied opportunity to K.T.Kosalram for Chief Ministership and favoured Bhakthavatchalam in 1963.

Dravida Kazhagam in its offshot form, that went on, in muted form after his ejection, to displace the Congress as the government of Tamil Nadu in 1967.

One can observe the plain speaking Kamarjar as a political stone mason, tapping away at a piece of rock, listening and feeling for ways that it will slice or split. No one can ever eqaual the charisma of Kamarajar among the poor masses.

Shri Kumarasamy Kamarajar who rejected the idea of entering into family to serve the people through political system of India in pre and post Independance era remained a high integrity personality in his lifetime without counting a penny. When the family elders put pressure on him to enter into matrimonial ties, he not only vowed to remain a brahmachari till the country is free of foreign rule and other economical shortcomings, he also made few more of his friends in his home town to swear to similar promises for the welfare of the nation.

When people have ambitions of accumulating wealth, he refused to even allow his partymen to purchase the residence at Chennai where he we residing, as he feared any property in his name would lead to dispute among his relatives in the future.

While he hails from a depressed community that gives a high importance to lavish food with varities of curry, Kamarajar preferred a simple diet without salt and spices and ensure he did not succumb to the taste of food to rule him. For this simple reason, he never invited anyone to dine with him at his residence where his food was prepared by his assistance.

In the history of political world, no world leader can match to this noble statemanship of Kamarajar. The Tamil community cannot dream of one more political leader to the selfless stature of Kamaraj arising from the state in the near future.

He lead a simple personal life based on Gandhian values and upheld the Gandhian values while his ruling in Tamilnadu and later when he was heading the Congress in New Delhi . Later even when Kamarajar had to lose his political power in TamilNadu and sit in the opposition, he still remained a respected national figure both among his colleagues and opponents. Kamarajar died of a massive heart attack on October 02,1975. But the one that came from Justice Krishna Iyer said it all: A common man with an uncommon common sense.

The saga of beneficiaries post- Kamaraj period in tamilnadu continue to be limited to previleged and high profiled personalities connected to business and film industries who can manipulate million to billions and trillions and were essentially the offshoot of Self Respect Movement and the ealier Justicve Party in the various new political formats which he coolly kept under control in his influential days.

No son-of-the-soil leader from Tamil country of subsequent generation, has the capacity and capability to mobilize the poor masses in the right mass need based economical and socio-political direction for the betterment of this state and the country. The people of Tamilnadu plan to build social schemes in every villages in memory of this great leader to serve the poor and deprived. The society to which he belong realise to celebrate the World Nadars Day annually on birthday of Kumarasamy Kamarajar.

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