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Good conduct is the seed of all virtues

Organisation and Management of Nadar Institution

The Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars’ Senthikumara Nadar College, Virudhunagar was established way back on August 11, 1947 in pursuance of the meeting of the Nadar Mahajana Sangam at Kovilpatti in June 1947 wherein Rao Bahadur M.S.P.Senthikumara Nadar of Virudhunagar donates Rs.2/- Lakhs for its establishment.

The purpose of the establishment of the college was felt on account of the realisation by the merchant community of Nadars to provide higher education to the backward children of this region especially the children of Nadar community for earlier they were unable to secure admission in the distant city colleges. It was also felt that this college needs to be constructed on a land in the rural vicinity so that students hailing from rural areas feel at home in the college premises. Another aim that could be drawn from the college motto is that “good conduct is the seed of all virtues”.

The college was shifted to the present site in November 1950 on a land comprising of 44 acres donated by Thiru. M. S. Periasamy Nadar, son of the founder of the college. This gave incentive to the community to continue to acquire and purchase the land in the nearby vicinity till 1970 by which time the total land of the college grew to 145.3 acres.

The college management till date has not faced any financial problem for the reason that they got money from ‘Mahamai Tharappu’.

The college has been started in 1947 by an organisation, named Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars of Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu. This is very well organised association in this part of the region. To give education to their children by contributing 1 to 2% of their profit by this community collected funds and started this Institution as a School. Over more than fifty years this organisation has grown and they have developed educational institutions over the period. Present management of this College comprises of 66 board members with commitment to serve the College. They are capable of generating finances with the support of Nadar community and contributions. The board members are maintaining lot of transparency and they have made complete decentralisation of powers of working in the college.

Management members have definite aims and objectives and every member is well aware of the importance of higher education.

It is also found by the discussion with the management, parents and alumni etc. that they want to see their institution to grow into an independent University. Management has a strong belief that meritorious dedicated teachers are asset to their Institution.

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