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Eral Chairman God - I

Eral is very famous for "CHAIRMAN ARUNASALAM SWAMIGAL" Temple. '''Om chairma om om chairma''' It is located on the Northern the bank of Thamirabarani river.Adi and Thai Amavasai ( Moonless day or new moon day ) aređ celebrated. Chairman Sri Sri Arunachala Samy Eral is spiritual person who died at a young age without getting into family life and noted for healing the people’s problems in Arumuganeri area of Tuticorin and other parts of Thirunelveli regions

In the early twentieth century. there died in the village of Eral, in Tinnevelly District, a local gentleman of the Nadar community named Arunachala Nadar.

There was nothing remarkable about his career : he had lived a highly respectable life, scrupulously fulfilled his religious duties, and served with credit as chairman of the mmiicipal board in his native village Eral.

If he had done something prodigiously wicked, one might have expected

him to become a local god at once, in accordance with Dravidian precedent ; but he being what he was, his post-mortem career is rather curious.

For a legend gradually arose that his kindly spirit haunted a certain place, and little by little it has grown until now there is a regular worship of him in Eral, and pilgrims travel thither to receive his blessings, stimulated by a lively propaganda.

He is worshipped under the name of " The Chairman God," in affectionate memory of his municipal career, and as Jagadsa, or ' ' Lord of the Universe," a phase of the god Siva.

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