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Early Industrial Ventures Promoted By Nadar Community

The Nadar community were poineers in Spinning Mills with setting up of Tuticorin Spinning Mills at Tuticorin but soon last the race in cotton trade to other communities operating from Rajapalayam and Aruppukottai & later to Kongu industrial belt. The other Early attempts of the community have seen the promotion of Virudhunagar Steel Rolling Mills, Virudhunagar Textiles and a sugar mill at Pandiarajapuram. Efforts like these did not meet with much success and the trader-entrepreneur beat a hasty retreat thinking that they were best suited only for trading but thinking that they are not matured for managing huge industries. Virudhunagar Textile Mills was handed over to other community group. Ayyanar Spinning Mills though formed as a community collaborative unit was sold out to successful family group concern within the community. The community did not participated with involvement while forming Madars Cements though Mr. A.S.K.Rathinasamy Nadar was one of the initial director and the ownership was taken up by Rajapalayam based dominant community.

Madura Sugars & Allied Products Ltd, Pandiarajapuram :

Started in 1930s it had a low crushing capacity of 300 tons of cane per day which wasn’t economical for a sugar factory. The machinery were bought second-hand from a dismantled unit in U.P. Mr. W.P.A. Sonderapandian Nadar, Pattiveeran Patti was instrumental in establishing the factory. A & F Harvey of the Madura Mills were very much involved in the managing of Madura Sugars financially. This venture did not emerge succeful financially.

Winery Unit:

1930s when two enterprising viticulturists of Pattiveeranpatti toyed with the idea of starting a winery. These two brothers, W P A Soundarapandian and W P A Rengasamy were pioneers in Indian wine production.

As soon as they obtained a licence from the government to start a winery, the machinery was imported and the technology obtained. When the crushing of grapes was about to begin, the pioneers’ wives objected to their husbands going into liquor production saying that they were planning to ruin the people. The opposition was so vehement, that the industry was shut down and the machinery shipped to Hyderabad.

However, Rengasamy’s son, the W.P.A.R. Nagarajan, a renowned horticulturist and viticulturist of Pattiveeranpatti, revived the idea of a winery since grapes were already cultivated on a large scale in Theni and Dindigul districts. The farmers repeatedly asked the government to help them start a winery in Theni. The demands were accepted but never implemented.

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