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Customs&traditions adopted in important family function

Before understanding the family customs, the community's most followed folk belief practice is to be understood. That is the history of Seelakkari amman of Then Paandi Seemai is based on purity and chastity parallel to the hsitory of Kannagi. Seelakkari amman is commonly referred to a girl born in the Nadar community several centuries ago. Once due to misunderstanding by the villagers, the girl was given false implication on her purity and chastity. She wanted to prove her innocence and faithfulness of her chastity. This unmarried young girl went into the fire with the garland after taking blessings from her brothers. Before that she said if her chastity is true without blemishes, her saree (seelai) and her garland wound remain without damage in the fire. Later after she immersed in the fire, the miracle happened..

The seelai (seelai), the Maalai (garland) and the Olai (earring worn in the ears) of the virgin girl were remaining without any charring effect in the fire while the girl was no more for the Nadar society. Later the villagers realised their fault. The Virgin Girl God of our society gave the message that the people who worshp her would be allieviated of their sufferings.

All the community and society people adopt first offerings to Seelakkari amman before the worship of other ancestral deities. In Therikudiyiruppu (Brahmasakthi), Vembar, Kamuthi, Sivakasi, the Seelakkari amman worship is given special prominence by Migrant Nadar community.

The procedure for worshipping Seelkkari amman:

Padaiyal Contents

* Paniaram made from Palm Jaggery * Milk * Tarmarind Kaappu

*Paasi Payaru (Green Gram ) without salt *Thattan payiru without salt

*Seeni Kizhangu (Sweet Potatoe) Special Offerings:

* Red Saree *Karugumani Kadholai for earring type offering

* Maalai (Garland)

Elders advise that offering Special poojas Seelakkari amman on family functions such as wedding etc with the above mandatory padayal list apart from other regular puja items such as coconut, plantain etc.

For the wedding the in the family, Red Saree, Thaali (mangalasutra) and Karupatti Paniyaram should be worshipped to Seelakkari amman before the wedding ceremony. This worshipped Red Saree to be used by brides for their harmonious life during important occassions such as Valaihappu. Also, the same red saree should be used for making cradle for the new born babies and the 30th day function where this saree is to be kept on the Solahu where the baby will be laid down for naming ceremony. During Valaihappu the nine vareity meals known as "chitrannam", fruits and other special naturall healthy food vareities are prepared by girl's parent side family to relations to serve the pregnant woman.

Fertility Symbolism with Bangles:

The ceremony ‘Valakaapu’ (vala means bangles and kaapu means security) is performedduring the ninth month of pregnancy when the mother-to-be is presented with glass bangles. Five married women decorate her hands with glass bangles in three auspicious colours, an even number of bangles in one hand and an odd number in another.

Every one of the relations are requested to make the bangles being worn to the mother-to-be on valaihappu function. The remaining bangles are distributed among the guests. Soft music is played, and this along with the jangle of bangles, is believed to be good for the baby’s developing ears.

Finally Madinirappudhal with materials of good signs such as tarmarind root etc is performed before sending the woman to parents house.

After the birth of child the customs such as Senai Vaithal, Kayiru Kattudhal (Ilai Kattudhal), Solahu Pudaithal are organized for the new born baby.

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