Family Tree

 Together you and are going to make history... or more precisely, you are going to preserve the nadars history...your history, your origins, where you came from, how you got where you are today. And your children and their children and grandchildren are going to more fully appreciate their heritage and the great importance of  "Family and the association of"

While it is important to ask the basic questions about the whens and wheres of births, marriages, and deaths, you can sometimes get more information from relatives by asking about other aspects of their life.

How to find your lost root (ancestors) in ?
Search For

       1. Name of your ancestor
       2. Period of their lives

       You will be listed with family trees having such a name in it.Choose the family tree and find your ancestors in it.

How to make a Family Tree at ?

       Once you are registered as a member in you can create your own family tree. As and when you get more details (or) as and when your family grows into the next generation you can update your tree.