Child Adoption


Child Adoptions can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. A child is God's gift. No matter how a child enters a family, each must be loved and valued for who he or she is. Children come into the world with different talents, abilities, and characteristics. But for a mother her child is the best. By adopting a child you not only give a homeless child love and support but you also give yourself the honour of being a mother/father. However, the adoption process can be emotionally trying, tedious, time consuming, and frustrating. This article provides some general information about adoption and its procedure.

Getting Started

It happens almost all the times that if you want to adopt a child then maybe your husband or in-laws are not comfortable with the idea. Families, friends, and even your spouse can have misconceptions about adoption and your decision may require some explaining. People normally shun adoption because they think that if they adopt they may be bringing home some deformed or a sick child or a child who may grow up to be a criminal or thug since the child's parent might be having such a background. That is not true. A child is not born with criminal instincts or nature.

It is very important that before adopting a child one has to understand the meaning of adoption and the fact that you will be bringing up a child who is not your own but who is going to come into your life and family and shower you with all the love and respect that you are entitled to and as that child's parent you have to take up entire responsibility and love her as your own. It is also important to make your family understand this so that the child gets all the love, caring and respect from everyone. You and your family should be ready to accept the child with all your heart and should have all your misconceptions clear before you adopt since that will be beneficial for the child, for you as well as for the entire family.

How To Adopt

The traditional eligibility requirements for adoptive parents are changing now a days with more and more relaxing rules and requirements but still what is most importantly required is that adoptive parents should be able to give the child a healthy and secure future and adoption agencies are seeking families or single adults who can love, care for, and raise these children with total dedication and responsibility. However, for many infant adoptions, will only consider sharing information to couples married at least once or divorced or single parent, between the ages of 25 and 45, and with stable employment income.

Adoption Agency

There are both private and public adoption agencies. A private adoption agency is supported by private funds and should be licensed or approved by the State in which it operates. A public agency is the local branch of your State social service agency and is funded through State or Central Government. is not an adoption agency but a linking agency.

Be prepared to wait

Adopting a child always requires a waiting period. After making up your mind and selecting the child you want to adopt you will have to wait to for at least 6 months to a year to finish all the legal formalities. For any type of adoption, even after a child is found, you may have to wait weeks or months while final arrangements are made.

Complete the legal formalities

Normally completing all the legal formalities is provided by the registered agencies itself and you need not worry about anything. First of all permission is taken from Indian Child Welfare Association for the purpose of adoption, which is provided to you by the agencies. Usually legal formality of adopting the child is completed during the waiting period when you have decided upon which child to adopt and all the other formalities regarding interview is over. An application is made to the Court for adoption which is granted and there after you can take the child home. If suppose the child is above 3 years old then in that case a child lives with the adoptive family for a few months in foster care before the adoption is finalized legally, the agency will then submit a written recommendation of approval of the adoption to the court, and you or your attorney can then file with the court to complete the adoption.

Procedure for Child Adopation in India

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